’80s Trivia Answers

Test your ’80s knowledge with these trivia questions. Comment with how many you got correct for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card.

Question # 1: What was the most popular video game of the 80s?
Mario Bros.

Question # 2: What ancient Chinese toy was repopularized in the 80s?
The Hacky Sack

Question # 3: In 1983, which country was the first to build a Disneyland outside of the US?

Question # 4: In 1983, how much did the first mobile phone to come out on the market weigh?
2 pounds

Trivia Question # 5: In what year did Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married?

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  1. Two..I never realized that Hacky Sac was from China and since I didn’t play video games….I was thinking PacMan….

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