• Fall Colors -- Aspen trees in Colorado

    We’re Back

    I’m back!! Yes, after a long absence I have decided to return to blogging at least every other week. The biggest thing is deciding what to talk about. Here are some examples of what you won’t be seeing on my blog: Politics — Come on, we are one nation under God and because we live

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  • A Confession

    I love Football! Shame on you, you were thinking I was going to confess something dirty.  Believe me Fifty Shades of Gray is not my life. But back to football. I could spend all day Saturday and Sunday watching football.  I would love to go to high school football games and watch the young players,

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  • Where Did You Get That Idea?

    People think writers have a burst of brilliance and then we sit down at the computer and the stories pour out.  When the idea for a book comes along and it’s a good one, you have to stop and think about what company would want to publish this idea. Is there a market for it?

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