Debutantes of Durango

The Debutante’s Santa

Searching for a Santa

Christmas is coming and Carrie Madison needs a Santa for the celebration at the orphanage. Only problem is she has yet to find a man who knows the meaning of Christmas and how to be a good Santa. When she arrives home after the ball, a burglar tells her he just needs a place to hide and then he’ll be gone. Fearing for her life if she says no, what choice does she have?

Pinkerton agent Roscoe Dalton chased outlaws all the way to Durango where they met up with the gang and are now pursing him. Roscoe knows he’s risking Carrie’s life staying at her home, but he has no options. Only issue is the woman is a spitfire determined to bring holiday joy to the orphanage. An orphan himself, the lure of her sweetness overpowers his will to remain unattached, putting them both in danger.

Will Christmas be ruined by the outlaws or will Santa deliver in more ways than one?

Coming December 10

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The Debutante’s Revenge

Reckless Flirting and a Dangerous Temptation

Daisy Trippe is the perfect daughter and the perfect woman to be a wealthy man’s wife. At the Debutante Ball, her goal is to kiss a handsome man. A rich handsome man who would make all her socialite dreams come true. Then she sees Lee Sackett. She overhears the man is well off and he fills out his clothes so deliciously. A temptation too much to resist. 

Lee Sackett is building his ranch. One day he will be a rich man, but right now, his one-room cabin is all he can afford. He needs to swap bulls with Mr. Trippe but the man is impossible to talk to. Lee hears Mr. Trippe will be at the Debutante Ball, so he puts on a suit coat and goes to the ball. He doesn’t want a wife. It’s too soon. But one young woman is too alluring to walk away from. 

Everything seems so innocent until they are caught. Now the hard-working rancher is being forced to marry a woman who vows to get revenge on him for ruining her dreams. 

Spicy historical romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. 

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The Debutante’s Gamble

Gambling on the Wild Woman

Fannie Trippe is every mother’s nightmare. A wild child who refuses to obey the rules of conventional society—like women don’t gamble. Until the night her full house beats the mine owner’s three of a kind. Did she win or lose when she drew his attention?

Walter Hersey watches the spirited young woman take everyone’s cash while rejecting the men who flirt outrageously. Struggling to raise his motherless twins, could this spunky woman gambler tame his ruffian children? With Fannie’s mother’s help, he plots to ensnare her and bend her to his will.

Is he the one to tame Fannie’s wild ways? Or will the schemer soon find himself in a trap of his own making?

Spicy historical romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

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The Debutante’s Scandal

Scandal at the Debutante Ball…

Much to her mother’s dismay, Meg Trippe isn’t interested in rushing to the altar. At twenty, she’s a forward-thinking woman who dreams of independence and never relying on a man. But her mother dreams of her marrying wealth. Unfortunately, Meg falls right into her mother’s scheme when she flees the debutante ball.

Martin Scott’s father is a wealthy railroad tycoon. With mothers shoving their eligible daughters at him like candy in the wedding market, marriage is the least of his desires. Until a young woman literally falls into his arms with her skirt above her head. Caught in a compromising position, the girl’s distraught mother and his powerful father force them to marry. 

Will they divorce or can two strangers overcome their anger and build a life together? Could the defiant debutante and the spoiled rich boy be meant for one another?

Spicy historical romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. Free in Kindle Unlimited!

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