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Today we have author Carol Rose visiting talking about Characters. Check out her many books on Amazon, B&N or Kobo. Carol has over 25 books published on Amazon. Also visit her website at: That’s Carol in the car.

Writers wrestle over finding just the right characters and we tend to fall in love with them…sometimes way too easily. Just like life. When crafting a story, you want to create identifiable characters that readers feel they know or want to know. If the reader doesn’t give a flip about the people your story is centered on, they won’t keep reading and they certainly won’t buy this book or the next.

Along with likability, though, characters need flaws because—let’s just admit this—perfect people annoy us and don’t seem real. We all know we have issues and we want to watch the characters in the stories we read tussle with themselves and win. The winning is important because it helps us feel we’ve won a little.

The best characters have flaws we see and these are people with which we want to spend time. Quite a challenge when it comes to creating a story. Heroes that are bad, but not annoying. Heroines who kick butt, but also feel a little bit like us (and we’re sometimes cowardly). No wonder we writers wrestle, but the challenge is a fun one and we usually come up with more heroes and heroines than we have the time to write.

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