Come Fly With Me by Geri Foster

We write because we’re writers and we have stories to tell. By putting these crazy voices in our heads inside books, we hope we might escape insanity. We’re lovers of words, senses and imaginations. The comfort of a well-written book brings us alive and stirs the desire to do it all over again. The sooner, the better.

Long before we become masters of writing, we were readers. Women and men stuck their noses in a book and kept it there until the end then close the book with a well-satisfied sigh. Within minutes, we were looking for the next novel to gobble up. Books took us on imaginary flights to all sorts of magical places we’d never go on our own. Oh, no, far too dangerous. There is safety in reading a book about high adventures as opposed to one buying a ticket to some far off land and explore alone.

A book is much like a travel agency, accept it’s considerably cheaper. You open a book and you go places far and near. Meet new people, and visit exciting cities as well as other worlds. Ones you never considered. And the author takes you there with such ease and comfort that you’re not exactly sure how it all happens. You’re there all comfy in your chair one minute then you open a book, and wallla, your mind begins a journey.

Your experience as a reader depends on the writer, and as a writer it’s important we make the ride as comfortable as possible. So join me on an exciting trip of mystery, intrigue, and happy ever after!

Tell me what kinds of books do you enjoy reading?

Happy Endings!

Geri Foster

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  1. Thanks for being on the blog today, Geri! I’ve read the first book in your Falcon series and it was a great read. Now I’m about to start your Wrong Room. If you haven’t read one of Geri’s books, I highly recommend you pick one up.

  2. Hi Geri,

    I love to read a good romance. And sometimes, like you said, writing one just keeps me sane. A great escape from things that are worrying me in real life. Boy, that sounds a little nuts, but it’s true.


  3. Hi, Geri! You are so right about the travel agency. I get to go many places thru books and reading. I love mysteries, romantic suspense, historicals, contemporary. Not much on otherworldly things. Good luck to you!

  4. I’ve read all your books, Geri and can vouch from first hand experience that they are chock full of adventure, intrigue and romance. Through your stories we travel to many far away places and meet many interesting places. Thanks for the trip, I’m ready for the next one!

  5. Hey Geri,
    Great to see you here! Love your post. Writers leave many stamps on a readers mind that involve happenings, heart and locations.

    I love the way you describe surrounding in your writings, whether it’s Russia, Mexico or Dallas. You put in so much detail that when I’m reading, my mind has me there and I feel it.
    You’re so right!
    🙂 DeLaine

  6. Geri, you’re so right, books do allow us to fly off to other times and places. The book I’m reading transports me to Regency era France. What a fascinating place! Of course, I usually prefer the Old West, but a change of pace is good for the soul. And a writer’s imagination!

  7. Hi Geri,
    I agree you. Books transport us. I read a variety of genres, but contemporary romance and romantic suspense are a couple of my favorites. BTW, I loved “Wrong Room” from the Accidental Pleasures series. I look forward to reading the Falcon series.

    1. In my Falcon Series, we’re all over the world. It’s fun to do the research, but I have a person who’s familiar, first-hand with every place I write about so I can confirm my facts!

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