Ho Ho Ho!!

Yes, we are well into the Christmas season. Black Friday has come and gone and now we’re on that roller coaster that takes us to the day the big man arrives. Have you finished your shopping? We had a marathon trip yesterday that left me exhausted, but we’re officially done.

 SantaSo what are you doing as a writer/reader during this crazy holiday season to take care of you? How are you taking care of the writer? Are the holidays getting you off track and have you lost focus on the story you’re working on? Are you keeping up with your daily page count?

As a writer, what do you want for Christmas? Don’t give me the classic, cheesy line, a book contract. Yeah, we all want that. Do you have a wish list of presents and on that list, is something pertaining to writing? A list of books or a new Kindle, Nook or Tablet?

You see I think what we put on our wish list says so much about us as individuals. Years ago I asked for a new computer hard-drive.  My husband told me I was a very weird woman. But I needed a better computer for my writing. Santa brought me a hard-drive.  Then there was the year I asked for a class I wanted to attend, a David Freeman class. Santa paid for the class.

This year, I’m clueless as to what to ask for. So help me out and give me some ideas.  What’s on your list this year? What do you want Santa to bring you that is writing related? If you’re a reader, what books are you wanting Santa to bring you? What special plans do you have for Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you will give one gift to the less fortunate. If we all help just one person, the world will be a better place. So pay your good fortune forward!

Stop by the Sleigh Bells Ring-Are you Listening contest page and enter to win a free audio book. The link is www.Facebook.com/AuthorWendyLindstrom.  The Rancher Takes a Bride is the audio book I’m giving away! Merry Christmas!


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