I’d do a lot of things…. by Vicki Batman

For chocolate. 

I adore chocolate, and with Valentine’s celebration a few days ago, that’s the typical time of year when one should be inundated with chocolate—right?

But other treats are worth mentioning. For example: Cherry tootsie pops. Reeses’s peanut butter cups. Whitman or Godiva sampler. Flowers.

So when gifting a character with something, our job as a writer is to make sure the gift is appropriate for the character.

I am doing edits now on my romantic mystery, Temporarily Employed,  and my heroine adores Peanut M&Ms. She’s in her mid-twenties, single, and out of a job. The candy fits her. It doesn’t cost too much and is always on sale, important when one is pinching pennies, and chocolate is still a requirement.

I wrote a short story entitled “Christmas Ties” for True Romance. The heroine goes to the store to pick up the tie she ordered for her father. Only the clerk hands her a box of Godivas, a gift from the store owner to entice her to go to dinner with him. Godivas are a little pricier and seemed to be an appropriate gift from him.

In another Valentine story, my heroine is gifted with a grocery store pot of tulips. We all know what happened here—someone didn’t plan for Valentine’s, asked around about flowers, and a friend casually mentioned the grocery store is good for last minute gifts.

So if you were given a pot of flowers from the grocery store, what would you do? Toss. Unless… there were from the one you truly adored, and he’d flown in from out of town just to be with you on Valentine’s Day. Works for me!

In Bug Stuff…and Other Stories, one of the shorts is “With This Ring.” The hero plans an extravagant and special night for his wife only she doesn’t know about it. The wife has gone through hell and high water to find the perfect little black dress just to attend an event he insisted on them going to. But the real reason is to give her an anniversary ring. Nice twist.

What is the best gift someone has given you?

Bug Stuff…and Other Stores ~ three romantic comedies. Included are: “Just Desserts”: A political dinner gone disastrous brings together a reluctant attendee and her seat-mate. “Bug Stuff”: An accountant unites with his co-worker to fight a pesky adversary. “With This Ring”: When a wife forgets her little black dress, all turns into something utterly romantic and unforgettable in the end.

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    1. Hi, Veronica! Maybe chocolate figures to prominently in my stories? I do have a sweet tooth… lol Thanks for posting.

  1. Hi, Alisha! I love potted tulips. Actually, any flowers. And your daughter is a fabulous Mother’s day gift.

    Thank you for loving my work. Love you too.

    Since you are a fab writer… What kind of gifts do your heroes give your heroines?

  2. I’m a sucker for red roses or any roses for that matter. And See’s candy. I’ve received many of these two gifts from my husband over the years and I used to save all the roses until it got overwhelming and dusty so I threw most of them out.

    1. Hi, Patty! Your comments snuck in. lol. I love flowers too. And when first married, I didn’t encourage Handsome in the flower-giving area. They cost so much and we were so poor. I would ask for a Snicker bar or M&Ms. Hugs, my friend.

  3. Hi, Cathy! A son on V-day? Wow, how awesome. And have mega fun with the new Kindle. I love the unexpected gift.

    Last night, a commercial played on NBC, promoting a new sitcom. The older man told the young boy about being mysterious. Handsome wanted to know what about him was mysterious. I said, “Wearing winter clothing in the summer.” LOL. He did. And yet…I married him. A little laundry helped too.

  4. At the end of a a really productive day – and I’m the judge of what’s really productive – I reward myself with one square of Lindt’s dark chocolate with chili. The blend of sweet and hot spice linger in the mouth long after the chocolate is gone. It’s to die for.
    As our wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day are only two days apart, Husband gifts me with dark red roses, the number to match the years we’ve been married. I’m a sucker for that, and he’s a prince.

  5. Hi, Rayne! You have awesome self control in regards to chocolate. I’d eat way more. And that’s why I bust my b*** at Jazzercise and yoga.

    I ADORE the idea of the dark red roses, the number to match the years you’ve been married. He IS a prince.

  6. It might sound silly, but the best gift I’d ever gotten was a drive-by compliment. When I was still a new mom and felt like my mascara, if I wore any, would roll down my face and all my body was good for was milk and becoming a jungle gym for my kiddo, the last thing I thought about myself was being pretty. So I’ll never forget when I had run inside a gas station for a soda pop, and while standing in line a guy came up to me and said, “You just might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” Then he just walked away. I didn’t feel had had any agenda, didn’t do it to ask me out, but just told me that. I never saw him again, not even after I paid for my soda, but for the next few months I felt a wee bit more like a woman and less of a mom machine.

    1. Hi, Lani! and that is the nicest story. I always tried to remember to fix my hair and add a tad of makeup every day just for me! My aunt said she did her hair and makeup when sick because it made her feel better. Sometimes, we are so hard on ourselves and this guy reminded you how you are pretty. Love this story.

    1. Hi, Janie! Flowers rock. Right now, I am looking out my office window at my flowering quince. It has tripled in flowers since I posted the pix on FB two days ago. There are bees and birds too. I have to laugh at Handsome because I sing, “he doesn’t bring me flowers anymore.” Thanks for visiting with me.

    1. Hi, Kimberly! Oh my. That would be awful and I’m so glad has never happened to me. When I was a single girl, someone left me dark pink tulips in a pot by my door. I don’t remember if there was a card–for some reason, I think not. Then another time, I received a Dear John letter on V-day. May that young man burn in hell. LOLOL

    1. Hi, Melissa! And did you get it. When someone gives something, it’s about caring. And coming from my/our guy–the value is priceless. Thanks, my friend.

  7. Hi,Vicki, I’m not a big chocoholic. I do love Milky Way bars and treat myself to a few a year. I also love Godiva. Now that I’ve developed a taste for dark chocolate I can’t eat milk chocolate, except Milky Ways. My husband has given me Godivas on Christmas a few times. On our first anniversary he gave me a gold and diamond necklace that he’d designed and had made up by a jeweler he knew. That remains one of my best gifts more for the sentiment than for the value, although it’s beautiful. Another gift that means a lot is the small Dooney & Burke purse my husband and son gave me when my son was a young teen. I still have the gift tag my son wrote out, “From your men.” That’s dear to me.

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