Meet Marianne from Secrets, Lies, and Online Dating!


My newest book Secrets, Lies, and Online Dating will be released soon! I can’t wait for you to read it, and in the meantime I’d really like to introduce you to the three women that are the heart and soul of this novel.

So without further ado…I bring you your first look at Marianne, my brave heroine that turned everyone’s lives upside down by daring to let go of her safety net and search for the life she deserves.

Marianne Larson stood before the apartment door of her husband’s latest fling with his two suitcases in hand, determined, scared, and mad as hell. Birds twittered happy songs in the early spring afternoon in North Dallas, but it could have been a death dirge for all she cared.

Like an overcooked steak, she was so past done…she felt fried and burnt to a crisp. She had finally let go of the idea that marriage is forever. Each breath she took in felt like she had a fifty-pound bowling ball resting on her chest.

Marianne dropped the two bulging suitcases onto the concrete walk and waited for the constable to step out of sight. She shoved her blonde hair away from her face, yanked back her shoulders, and lifted her shaking fingers to the doorbell.

Her new life was about to begin.

Be on the lookout for the next two blog posts introducing Brenda and Katie!

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