Mother Nature is Having a Hot Flash

The ground hog saw his shadow around the first of the month and we’ve all experienced yet another winter storm, but suddenly we’ve gone from highs in the 30’s with the wind chills being in the teens to seventy freaking degrees. No, I’m not complaining, I’m loving it. I’m ready to head down to the Home Depot and buy all my spring flowers and start planting. But wait…Mother Nature I know is just teasing us. She’s just giving us a momentary thaw before she opens up the refrigerator door once more and sends us plunging back into that deep freeze again.

With such a cold winter and now this brief respite, I though we should all spend some time dreaming of warmer weather. Spring is probably my favorite time of year because I love the way everything starts to turn green and the leaves pop out on the trees and the flowers.  Oh I love the flowers. The wildflowers growing along the highways, the bluebonnets, the Indian paints, the buttercups. The temperature is a pleasant balmy seventy to eighty degrees and you want to be outside. Maybe we’ll go fishing, or hiking or camping or just ride our bikes.

Hopefully we’ll all get some rain this year as our part of the country is needing the moisture and without those April showers there will be no watering the lawn later in the summer. Your yard can suck up a lot of moisture when the temperatures climb above one hundred.

So tell me what you love about Spring? The flowers? The warmth?


    1. Kim,
      I have to say I’m a little tired of winter this year as well. We’ve had so much ice and you guys have had the snow. Sadly, our place in Colorado has had very little snow and they needed it desperately.

  1. I love the warmer temps and being able to enjoy the outdoors again. I also love seeing the flowers and trees begin to bloom and the beautiful colors emerge.

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