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  • Cover of the Debutante's Gamble by Sylvia McDaniel. Red headed woman in a purple dress gazing back.

    The Debutante’s Gamble


    The wild child beats the mine owner and he decides she’s the perfect mother for his ruffian twins. Only problem, she wants love and he just wants a nanny for a wife.

    ❤️Wild child

    ❤️Matchmaking mother

    ❤️Enemies to lovers

    ❤️Tricked into marriage

  • Cover of The Debutante's Revenge by Sylvia McDaniel. Blonde girl in a yellow dress looking back over her bare shoulder.

    The Debutante’s Revenge


    Daisy wants to marry a rich man and believes that Lee is wealthy. It isn’t until she gets caught kissing him, that she learns the truth, but  by then its too late. She has to marry him.

    ❤️ Forced marriage


    ❤️Perfect Gift

    ❤️Marrying the beast

  • Cover of The Debutante's Santa by Sylvia McDaniel - shows red headed woman with late 1800's dress

    The Debutante’s Santa


    “Emotionally thrilling, sweetly sexy, action packed journey filled with witty and engaging charters, heart racing twists, exciting turns and undeniable passion. A edge of your seat and heartwarming journey. Highly entertaining reading.”




    ❤️Action Adventure

  • Cover of The Debutante's Scandal by Sylvia McDaniel. Dark haired woman in a peach dress with her chin on her hand.

    The Debutante’s Scandal


    Review: “This is a sweet story of love. This couple starts out as far apart as you can with a literal shogun wedding and divorce planned right from the beginning.”

    ❤️Forced marriage

    ❤️Enemies to lovers

    ❤️Family love

    ❤️Finding Your way