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  • Cover of Betrayed by Sylvia McDaniel. A blonde woman in a blue dress and a man gazing down at her.



    This is book two in the captivating story of the Cuvier Widows. Who murdered Jean Cuvier. Grab your autographed copy now to experience Nicole’s story.

  • PlaceholderCover of Wronged by Sylvia McDaniel. A Blonde laying down with a red dress on and a man kissing her neck.

    Wronged: Cuvier Women Book 1


    Review: “I could not put this one down – there are strong characters, a great story line and a smoldering romance – who could ask for more ?”

    ❤️Murder Mystery

    ❤️Married to more than one person


    ❤️Enemies to lovers

    ❤️Strong woman