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  • Cover of Determined by Sylvia McDaniel. A blonde saloon woman in the arms of a handsome cowboy.

    Determined: Lipstick and Lead Book 5


    Hannah is determined to kill the man who sold her into prostitution, her step-father and rescue the girls forced to work in the whorehouse. Only problem is she runs into the man who refused to help her and must rescue him.

  • Cover of Ethan by Sylvia McDaniel. Mountain scene winter.



    A runaway bride and a matchmaking mother. Can the mail order bride find happiness or will she be running away again.

  • Cover of Ginger by Sylvia McDaniel. Winter scene with a house and then a bridge over a babbling stream.



    After losing everything, Ginger becomes a mail order bride in Angel Creek Montana, where she meets Flint, who is running from his family. A sweet historical romance of 30,000 words, which will take you back to a simpler time and leave you with a warm Christmas feeling.

  • Man in a blue and white shirt wearing a white hat with gloves and jeans on. He's sitting on a wagon decorated for Christmas.



    When his ex-girlfriend drops off a baby, Joshua is completely lost. Until his sister-in-laws introduce him to Kayla, who dreams of her own family. Will Eugenia try to matchmake the two?

  • Cover for Katie by Sylvia McDaniel. A girl smiling in a blue dress holding books.

    Katie: Bride of Virginia


    A mail order bride who learns that her new husband, was accused of murdering his previous wife.

  • Cover of Minnie by Sylvia McDaniel. Winter scene with a house, a bridge with a wreath on it over a babbling brook.

    Minnie: Angel Creek Christmas Brides


    Mail order bride Minnie has a secret and needs a husband now. A lonely rancher steps in when the man who ordered her, refuses to marry her. A sweet western historical with a touching Christmas story. At the end of 30,000 words a guaranteed happy ending. Return to Angel Creek for Christmas.

  • The cover of Mistletoe Scandal by Sylvia McDaniel. Red haired woman looking up at a handsome cowboy

    Mistletoe Scandal


    Everleigh, is picked up at the station by a friend of her uncles after he gets hurt. On the way home, a blizzard hits and they must stay together in the same cabin until the storm clears.

  • Cover of Nailing the Hit man by Sylvia McDaniel. Red head woman looking at dark haired man in a suit.

    Nailing the Hit Man


    If you enjoy Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, the wacky women who work in the Lipstick and Lead Bounty Hunting Agency will entertain you. Quirky characters, strong women with a penchant for danger will keep you flipping the pages and laughing out loud.

  • Cover of Nellie's Redemption by Sylvia McDaniel. A blonde woman in a red dress, walking away.

    Nellie’s Redemption


    Nellie thinks she’s marrying her prince charming, when really she’s been duped and she’s out for revenge.

  • Cover of Quinlan's Quest by Sylvia McDaniel. Red headed woman in a yellow dress. Alphabet mail order bride.



    A matchmaking mother puts together her son and a mail order bride, that has childhood nightmares about her father. With secrets between them, can Will and Quinlan put the past behind them and find love.

  • Cover of Ravenous Rose by Sylvia McDaniel. Blonde girl with a naked back and a blue silk dress and a fan.

    Ravenous Rose


    Rose wants a singing career and the only place she’s hired is at the saloon. Hayden, hears her sing and is enthralled with her voice and Rose. Then he learns she’s the preacher’s daughter.

  • Book cover of Scandalous Sadie by Sylvia McDaniel. Blonde woman in a pink dress with her leg showing.

    Scandalous Sadie


    Rescued by the newspaper columnist son, Sadie and Levi quickly become an item against his mother’s wishes.

  • Cover of Second Chance Cowboy by Sylvia McDaniel. Bare chested cowboy looking down.

    Second Chance Cowboy


    Patrick arrested her brother and now he’s gone missing. Who will help her find her brother?

  • PlaceholderA wedding veil floating along the beach. Two beach houses are in the distance.

    Secrets of a Runaway Bride


    Crystal wants a family and she will do anything to have a baby.

  • PlaceholderBeach Scene with a white house and sand dunes.

    Secrets of a Summer Place


    Jennifer’s life is about to change forever.

    ❤️ Adoption

    ❤️ Second Chance at love

    ❤️ Infidelity

    ❤️ Blended Family

  • Cover of Secrets, Lies and Online Dating by Sylvia McDaniel. Blonde woman looking up the road at the mountains.

    Secrets, Lies and Online Dating — Autographed Paperback


    After years of accepting her husbands cheating, Marianne begins her life over. Only problem is her mother and daughter don’t understand her need to begin again. Three women learn to deal with secrets, lies and online dating.

    ❤️ Infidelity

    ❤️ Starting Over

    ❤️ Mother Daughter Relationships

    ❤️ Finding Yourself