Cupid’s Second Chance: Return to Cupid, Texas Book 8


When well meaning friends set them up for a blind date, David becomes Disco Dave. Except this time, with this woman there is a spark of interest, but she’s having nothing to do with this crazy man.


One Blind Date Too Many

Vanessa Lowell hates Valentine’s Day. After her husband was killed in Afghanistan, it’s the loneliest day of the year. A reminder of everything she’s lost. Unaware that her good friends are setting her up for another blind date, she goes to a party only to meet Disco Dave —yet another bad date.

Three years after the death of his wife, David Baker is tired of his well-meaning friends setting him up. So he becomes Disco Dave, the worst date ever. When he meets Vanessa, he’s attracted, but fearful. Cupid has a target on Dave’s back and before he can do the Hustle out the door, he’s been struck.

Will David and Vanessa put an end to bad dates or do their hearts still belong to their first loves? When you’ve experienced great love is it possible to love again?

A sweet story of second chance love.

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