All I Want For Christmas (Coming Home for Christmas #4)


Two best friends stuck in the Honeymoon Suite of a local hotel, discover that they are more than just friends.

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In the Honeymoon Suite of Life, Love has Other Plans

Dr. Noel Baker and Dr. Hannah Young share a deep, unshakable friendship bound by their love for medicine. But the unspoken attraction between them remains a line they’re hesitant to cross.

Noel carries the scars of his adoptive parents’ professional rivalry that destroyed their personal lives. He’s determined not to repeat their mistakes, especially with Hannah, who’s become an essential part of his world.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when Noel goes to visit his father for Christmas and proposes that Hannah pretends to be his partner to protect their friendship. But Hannah craves more than a mere charade.

As they land in Missoula, an unforeseen blizzard traps them in a hotel’s honeymoon suite, forcing them into four days of close quarters. Insta-love sparks, the line between a fake and real relationship blurs, challenging Noel and Hannah to confront their deepest desires and fears.

The storm raging outside is nothing compared to the emotions igniting within.Can their friendship survive when a fake relationship turns real?


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