Cupid Crazy: Return to Cupid, Texas Book 10


They have hated each other since junior high. Now they’re thrown together at her sisters wedding. He needs a temporary wife. What happens in Vegas, comes home with them.


Childhood enemies married in Vegas? 

Caitlyn Beckett, had a five year plan. Marry a handsome billionaire, have two point five children and live happily-ever-after in a grand mansion. Only problem, she is four years late in finding her wealthy husband and is beginning to feel desperate.

Nathan Greene and Caitlyn have hated each other since Junior high when they ran against each other for the Student Council President and his slogan was the Brains to Get it Done. Since that day she’s made her feelings for him quite clear. Now he’s desperate to find a wife and with them both attending her sister’s Vegas wedding, she’s the perfect target. For ninety days, he needs a marriage of convenience.

Can the two of them live under the same roof without killing each other?

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