Cupid Help Me: Return to Cupid, Texas Book 4


Shadow Wilson, a journalist wants to write an expose on the Cupid, statue in town. But when disaster happens, Jim Lawrence rescues her. Can the conservative and the hippie journalist find love after he dances around the Cupid statue? Grab your autographed copy now for this wild, zany adventure.


Two worlds collide, when a conservative cowboy saves a zany journalist. 

Cowboy, Jim Lawrence, doesn’t believe in superstitions, hocus pocus, or folklore. After losing a bet he must dance naked around the Cupid Statue at midnight, not believing he will meet his true love. Unable to find a traditional woman who fits in his black and white world, he’s given up on happily ever after.

Shadow Wilson, is on her way to Cupid, Texas to do a story about the fabled Cupid Statue, when her car catches fire. As she watches her car explode into a fiery ball, Jim comes to her rescue…and becomes the angle to her forthcoming expose.

Stranded in the small town, will the superstition bring an eccentric, wacky woman together with a rigid cowboy with a heart of gold? Or will their differences tear them apart?

Slightly sexy, stand alone story of opposites attract.

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