Cupid’s Bachelorette: Return to Cupid, Texas Book 11


It’s hard to love again, when you’ve been betrayed.


A billionaire longing for a family. A lawyer with a broken heart. A Cupid statue with a superstition.

Dustin Torres has earned his first billion and is now ready to find someone to love and settle down with. He wants a family and a happily ever after. But is he willing to run naked around the Cupid statue at midnight to find true love?

As the assistant district attorney for the city of Cupid, Heather Beckett has accomplished her goals. Even with all her success, the secret she carries makes her feel like a monster. And now her sisters are having babies and she can’t even find a man to love her.

Will a chance encounter bring two people together or will buried secrets send them running in the opposite direction?

Return to Cupid, Texas, and celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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