A Brother’s Betrayal


A sweet historical romance about a mail order bride marrying the wrong brother who ordered her. In this timely tale of two brothers named Kane and Abel.


Two brothers at odds. A stolen bride. Who wins? Who loses? Who claims her heart?

All he felt was the need to get even. After last night’s break up with MaryBeth, he wanted retaliation.

If he married Abel’s woman today, Miss Adams, his ex-fiancée, could kiss his horse’s…Could he marry his brother’s woman? 

After an accident disfigures Abel Shepherd’s face, he is considered the ogre of Potter county. Lonely, he orders a mail-order bride, but she never arrives. Yet, his brother brings home a lovely bride who helps Abel see past the scars on his face.

Emma’s dying mother answers an ad in the Grooms Gazette and sends her daughter to a seemingly loving man. But mail-order bride Emma Louise Johnson is intercepted by Abel’s brother Kane and marries him thinking he’s the man her mother arranged for her to marry.

The marriage is far from what she dreams of and she finds herself hopelessly attracted to her husband’s brother. In a desperate game of betrayal, who will win? Kane or Abel?

In this sweet western historical, two brothers fight for the love of a mail order bride.

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