When his ex-girlfriend drops off a baby, Joshua is completely lost. Until his sister-in-laws introduce him to Kayla, who dreams of her own family. Will Eugenia try to matchmake the two?


Come Spend Christmas with the Burnetts

Joshua Burnett is the next Burnett the family ghost is ready to match. But he’s been keeping secrets from the family. Secrets even his ghostly great-great-great-great-grandmother doesn’t know. Maybe he’s a womanizer for a reason until life delivers him a surprise he never saw coming.

Kayla Scott has lost everything she’s ever wanted in life. When she interviews for a nanny to the Burnett family, she gets an unexpected job opportunity – taking care of Joshua’s baby daughter.

Being forced together every day is bringing up emotions she’d long given up ever feeling. And Joshua is dead set against giving up his bachelorhood. He’s not even sure he wants the baby. Joshua’s ghostly ancestor has her work cut out for her on this one. Can she pull these two through facing their own demons?

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