Katie: Bride of Virginia


A mail order bride who learns that her new husband, was accused of murdering his previous wife.


Katie Needs a Husband Now

A disastrous factory fire ends Katie Maverick’s job and she must find something quick. Convinced to become a mail-order bride, she receives an offer of marriage from Daniel O’Malley.

Only Daniel isn’t the one who put the ad in the Grooms’ Gazette. His business partner, secretly placed the ad in Daniel’s name. When Katie arrives, a surprised Daniel agrees to marry her with the idea she could help make his life easier and still the gossip that he killed his first wife.

He’s unprepared for the way the bubbly girl eases his loneliness and breaks down the walls he’s erected around his heart. Troubled by the suspicious vandalizing suddenly occurring in the vineyard, Daniel wonders if things might not be as good as they seem. Is it only coincidental that the damage to his winery coincides with Katie’s arrival?

Could this sweet, innocent woman and his dead wife share a common goal to destroy him?

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