Nellie’s Redemption


Nellie thinks she’s marrying her prince charming, when really she’s been duped and she’s out for revenge.


Can the Bad Girl be Tamed?

Nellie Robinson’s sharp tongue and scheming ways have done more harm to the debutantes in Fort Worth, Texas, than even the newspaper’s scandal-loving social columnist. But when Prince Randolph Schmidt comes to town, she is determined to become his princess. But not everything is as it seems.

Pinkerton agent Daniel McClintock is no Prince Charming, but neither is shyster Randolph Schmidt who cons women into believing he will take them to his kingdom to be his queen. Looks like he’s found his next mark—Nellie Robinson. When Schmidt leaves town with her trust fund, Daniel goes after him.

When Nellie becomes a one-woman posse determined to get revenge and her money back, she finds herself in danger as she tangles with a man who wants her heart and one who wants her dead.

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