Ravenous Rose


Rose wants a singing career and the only place she’s hired is at the saloon. Hayden, hears her sing and is enthralled with her voice and Rose. Then he learns she’s the preacher’s daughter.


Good Girls Just Want to be Bad

Rose Tuttle, the preacher’s daughter, has been secretly rebelling against her father’s tyranny for months. Disguised she takes a job singing in the saloon. When her father announces he’s found her a husband, she rebels. That night, at the end of her performance, she removes her disguise. Now with no other choice, she becomes the newest member of the bad girls club.

Son of a Railroad tycoon, Hayden Lee has been going to hear a mysterious singer in the saloon for months. Her angelic voice reaches deep inside him and touches his soul. But he isn’t prepared when he learns her identity as the preacher’s daughter.

Unable to resist her, he longs to make her his permanently. But there is no way, his family will accept a saloon singer for his wife. A woman from the bad girls club. Who will win, family or love? Or…Can he have both?

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