Scandalous Sadie


Rescued by the newspaper columnist son, Sadie and Levi quickly become an item against his mother’s wishes.


Bad Girls Have More Fun

Unjustifiably branded scandalous by the newspaper society columnist, Sadie King tries to embrace her new identity to show society she is above such piddly gossip. She will wear her “bad girl” badge with pride, chin held high. At least until young businessman Levi Griffin decides to see just how salacious she really is.

Since rescuing a naked Sadie from a vicious prank, Levi Griffin hasn’t been the same. The woman is tempting and he can’t seem to walk away from her innocent smile and bewitching eyes. His mother, the local gossip writer, continuously berates the young woman, spreading lies. To top that, his mother insists that he marry the vixen who left Sadie in the dangerous situation to begin with.

For Levi, will it come down to choosing between his beloved mother who sacrificed to give him a good life and the beguiling woman he desires. Will Sadie’s love for him allow such a choice or will she walk away?

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