Secrets of a Runaway Bride


Crystal wants a family and she will do anything to have a baby.


Running Away Brought Her What She Wanted

Crystal Young isn’t marrying for love, but it will give her what her heart desires until her fiancé reveals his true treacherous self. Running, she takes their honeymoon cruise alone. While on the cruise, a crazy encounter with the man next door pushes her over the edge. Giving up on men, she returns home determined to have a baby on her own.

Attorney Tyler Nelson wonders why his best friend and client billionaire has been acting strange. When he learns of his client’s latest business deal, he advises against it. And then when Tyler learns the deal is with the crazy woman from the cruise ship, he’s incredulous. The woman is bonkers and not fit to be a mother.

Crystal will do whatever it takes to have a baby. Only the revelation of devastating secrets could change Tyler’s mind. Secrets that will transform everything including Crystal’s dreams.

❤️ Runaway Bride
❤️ Billionaire father
❤️ Insta love
❤️ Family
❤️ Enemies to lovers
❤️ Dreams of motherhood

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