Tempting Tessa


Tessa can outshoot any man, but that makes her a bad girl after her disguise is revealed and Seth knows she can best him.

❤️Enemies to lovers


❤️Wild West Show


Good Girls Often Get Into Trouble
A woman cannot enter the 1885 National Marksman Association championship.

But that won’t stop Tessa Harris. When her manly disguise is revealed, she is banished by her family and society. Desperate to make the best of her new situation, she becomes a member of the bad girls’ club. Only, the man she out gunned refuses to accept defeat. Seth Robinson, the mayor’s son is now determined to make her pay for her wicked ways.

Seth Robinson lost the championship to a damn woman. His loss is a blow to his reputation as Fort Worth’s biggest womanizer. Suddenly there’s only one woman who is a temptation. And that’s Tessa.

Who will win this battle of the sexes? Will the bad girl succumb to his womanizing ways, or will she wrap him around her trigger finger?

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