The Reluctant Santa Audio


Two angels are fighting for Colin McDermott’s soul. The good angel is trying to save him by helping him to realize what is important in life. And that Christmas can be a wonderful time of year. Will he learn his lesson?

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Scrooge Colin McDermott Has One Last Chance To Get Christmas Right 

Colin McDermott hates Christmas, doesn’t like children and is focused on making his first million. But two angels are fighting for his soul and to teach him about the importance of love and family. This is his last chance to learn the true meaning of Christmas. Watch as Colin receives everything he never wanted for Christmas.

In this second chance romance, Brooke Warren is stunned to see her former lover. But she’s in desperate need to locate a Santa for her children’s program and Colin wants to present his software to the hospital board.

Can these two work together to bring Christmas to the children’s hospital? And what about their past? When secrets are revealed, what will Colin choose?

A redemption story of a man who has a good reason for hating Christmas.


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