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Ghost hunter Samantha Rollins knows that there is a ghost on the Burnett Ranch and to save her career and her television show, she is going to expose Eugenia Burnett. What she doesn’t plan on is Eugenia matchmaking her with her great great great great grandson.

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Secrets, Lies, and a Matchmaking Ghost

Billionaire Travis Burnett would love to close the dude ranch portion of the Burnett Ranch. But the family board of directors refuses. So Travis must continue to deal with city slickers who think ranching is just riding horses and sipping cocktails in front of a fire.

He puts his foot down when ghost hunters want to explore the ranch. There are secrets that are better left hidden. Some secrets only the family knows. Some secrets even he wishes would go away.

As the star of her own ghost-hunting show, Samantha Rollins has always wanted to film the mysterious ethereal being she witnessed with her own eyes at the ranch. But one stubborn cowboy stands in her way. So now, after lying about her identity, she has a reservation at the dude ranch. She has her camera, her equipment, and she’s covertly going to get the scoop on any paranormal activity.

What she didn’t plan on was Travis Burnett awakening feelings she’d long ago given up on. She doesn’t have time for love, especially with a man she’s keeping secrets from. She has a ghost to catch and a show to promote. And no hunky cowboy is going to stop her.