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Pushing a short stem down, Jennifer McKenzie Delgado brushed back her long auburn hair and picked up her binoculars. She adjusted the lenses until she could see the crisp, sharp image of the interior of the house. Staring at the Mcmansion. Crime paid well. 
Movement inside the house caught her attention. Peering in the windows, she saw the man she had followed. Dressed in designer slacks, he shoved keys, a billfold, and a money clip into his pockets. 
When she’d crawled up the large elm tree, the branch seemed the perfect location to observe her perp until an ant strolled across her arm. Now, not so much. Hopefully in the next five minutes, he would leave, and she’d nab him. 
After following him for over a week and gazing at his photo, she knew she needed to find a life outside of work. For a criminal, the man’s muscled body, ebony hair, and large brown eyes, would catch the attention of any woman, including her. For the last three years, she had worked for the family business and forgotten what dating was all about. 
The memory of a man’s caress. Now was not the time to remember. 
With a flick of her penlight, she let her partner know he was about to leave. 
Wanted for theft, robbery, and money laundering for the Lopez crime cartel, the man hadn’t shown up for his court date. 

“From all appearances, his life of corruption paid well. Living in the richest suburb near downtown Dallas, his business seemed to fly under the radar until an audit and subsequent arrest.
A dog howled in the distance, and she wished the man would leave. Security in this neighborhood was high, and she didn’t need or want to run into a trigger-happy rent a cop. 
Finally, he strolled out the door and hurried down the steps, his dark hair expertly combed, his clothes of the finest cloth, looking like a cover model. His appearance reeked of the million dollars she was on the hook for. Yet he missed his court date and skipped out on his bond. 
Odd which criminals decided to make a run for it. Why would he be here at his home acting like no one hunted for him? Why did this seem too easy?
In practiced stealth mode, she dropped like a silent fighting machine from the tree and landed on top of him, knocking him to the ground.
“What the hell,” he mumbled underneath her. 

“Christopher Lopez.” She wrestled him to his stomach. Suddenly, he flipped and took her with him, pinning her beneath him. All those muscles in his legs were sitting snug in just the right place.
“Son of a bitch,” she screamed. “Get off me.”
This wasn’t going well, at all. 
“Who are you?” he asked, his face contorted with rage. 
Brittany McKenzie, her cousin, a former Army Ranger, grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and slipped the plastic ties around his wrist. 
When Jennifer seized his other wrist, he plopped forward on her body. They were face to face. His brown eyes flashing with anger. Her breasts crushed beneath his chest, her girls screaming the hallelujah chorus in six-part harmony.
With his full weight on top of her, she could hardly breathe. Yet, she managed to spit the words out “You’re under arrest for skipping bail.”
Adrenaline rushed through her, headier than any illegal drug. The excitement, the danger, this was what made her love her job. The pounding of her heart and the rush of blood through her veins was almost as good as sex. Only more dangerous.
Currently, the two of them were experiencing a moment with their clothes on. A moment that dragged on into forever. 
A sigh escaped him. “You’ve got the wrong man. I’m Carson Lopez.”
“And I’m Meghan Markle. Now stand or be tased.”
“Christopher is my twin brother,” he said.
Her partner tried to yank him off her. “Jeez, you’re a big one. On your hands and knees. Now, slowly rise. If you make any sudden moves, I’ll be happy to tase the shit out of you.”
“All right,” he said. “But I’m not who you’re looking for.”
“They all say that,” Jennifer said as he rose. At the moment, her lady bits were singing the blues. Once again, they’d been denied.
Brittany pulled out her folder of paperwork she always managed to stuff down the backside of her pants. No matter how hard she blocked her thoughts, she worried about where those documents had been. As she rifled through the file, she located his mug shot. “That’s him.”
The man cursed. “Listen to me. Check your information again. I have a twin brother. Christopher is the evil twin. I’m just the wicked one.”
“What’s the difference?” she said. “Seems to me they’re both about the same.”
Shaking his head, he stared at her in the darkness. “Are you that naive? Evil is just mean. Wicked is a touch of adventure with a splash of naughty. And I like naughty.”

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  1. gosh that is a hard one, I love all three of the nailing books. But the first one nailing the hitman got me hooked on the next two.

  2. The single dad 😊

    Thank you so much for the chance at your giveaway! The book sounds awesome can’t wait to read it.

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