Summertime is Coming! Are you a Mountain or a Beach Person?

It’s won’t be long until the kids are out of school, the heat is upon us and we’re all looking for some place to escape to.  I’m a vacation planner. To me half the fun is figuring out where we’re going and what new sights we’ll see. If my family would let me, I would plan every single second of our trip. My husband, he’s a spur of the moment kind of guy. We balance each other out.

Me I’m happy on a beach with an umbrella, a book and my cold drink. I get hot, I go into the water, cool off and then back to my book. I love to read at the beach. There is something so soothing about the sound of waves washing on the shore. It’s peaceful and relaxing.

My husband, likes to go hiking in the National Parks-no books, nothing but water, a snack and a good compass.  On our trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park we were going to do a four mile hike and it turned into an eleven mile hike because I refused to go back across a steep snowy incline. The scenery was beautiful, but my feet were killing me. On the way back down, I cut the toes out of my tennis shoes because my feet were hurting so bad.

I like to rent a house and stay on the beach or in the woods. My husband likes to tent camp. The last time we tent camped, I thought we were going to be bear food as something was rattling the camp food locker (a place where you put all toiletries and any food a bear can smell. It has a bear proof lock on it).

No matter if we go to a beach or the mountains we usually have some kind of adventure and that’s what makes the trip fun. It’s seeing a new place, experiencing new things and relaxing. This summer we’re thinking of visiting family and then going to one of our favorite little Mountain towns, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It will be cool, peaceful and relaxing.

So tell me about your summer plans. Are you a mountain or a beach person? Do you like to visit big cities or find a cabin and spend time in nature and visit National Parks? Or do you like to get on a big boat and visit foreign lands?

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  1. I loved the mountains when I was a lot younger LOL. At my age I just sit in the chair and enjoy the beautiful scenery and a good book.

    1. Bertie,
      You know I love to do that at either place, the mountains or the beach. But I also love hiking in the mountains and hope I can continue for many more years to come.

  2. I am a mountain girl. I enjoy taking my little man to the beach cause he loves it and it’s a change but I love my mountains.

    1. Hi Kim,
      I remember last year you had pictures of you and Little Man at the beach with your family. My husband is so not a beach person and I love it. We’re going to Florida in October, but it’s for a writers conference/vacation.

  3. I love both! The mountains are so beautiful. Then at night in your condo, open up your window and hear the waves can be so relaxing.

    1. Barbara,
      On the Texas Coast, you don’t open your windows at night because it’s so darn hot! But I know what you’re saying and I do love to sleep with the windows open. Our retirement home we will be able to sleep with the windows open and I can’t wait. Of course that’s several years down the road.

  4. They both have such wonderful qualities. I have vacationed more in the mountains that I have the beach but anywhere with a good book is great!

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