We’re Back

I’m back!! Yes, after a long absence I have decided to return to blogging at least every other week. The biggest thing is deciding what to talk about. Here are some examples of what you won’t be seeing on my blog: I think that’s all the taboo subjects.  What I do want to talk about…

Ravenous Rose

Good Girls Often Get Into Trouble

A woman cannot enter the 1885 National Rifle Championship. But that won’t stop Tessa Harris. When her manly disguise is revealed, she is banished by her family and society. Desperate to make the best of her new situation, she becomes a member of the bad girls club. Only the man she out gunned refuses to accept defeat. Seth Robinson, the Mayor’s son is now determined to make her pay for her wicked ways. 

Seth Robinson lost the championship to a damn woman. His loss  is a blow to his reputation as Fort Worth’s biggest womanizer. Suddenly there’s only one woman who is a temptation. And that’s Tessa. 

Who will win this battle of the sexes? Will the bad girl succumb to his womanizing ways or will she wrap him around her trigger finger?

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Mail Order Bride With A Secret

Minnie Ravenel needs a husband now and an escape out of Charleston. Her mother answers an ad for a mail order bride in Angel Creek Montana, hoping that when Minnie arrives, the man will accept her and her unborn child. 

Tripp Maddox isn’t looking for a wife, but when he sees Minnie standing alone on the street crying, something about her situation reminds him of his own losses.  A lonely rancher, with Christmas only a two months away, he asks her to marry him. 

Can two desperate strangers make a life together or will the past tear them apart?

A sweet western historical with a touching Christmas story. At the end of 30,000 words a guaranteed happy ending. Return to Angel Creek for Christmas. 

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Ginger and spice, who longs for nice?

Ginger Legare led a wonderfully happy life until the Civil War. Now, she’s lost everything—her mother, her father, their wealth, and her home, but most importantly, her belief in happiness. When a letter arrives telling her to come to Angel Creek, Montana, she leaves hoping she’ll find a new beginning in the small town.

Preacher Flint Carroll has lived a blessed life and never grieved over a passing loved one. As a man meant to comfort and console his congregation, he has an issue understanding what true loss means. Until a sassy-mouthed redhead arrives in town and shows him life is not all roses.

Working together during the Christmas season, can he bring joy to her world while his eyes are opened to the realities of life? Or is Ginger’s past too horrific to overcome? 

Ginger is a sweet historical romance of 30,000 words, which will take you back to a simpler time and leave you with a warm Christmas feeling. 

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What was the first romance novel you ever read? I grew up reading, Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, Jo’s Boys and Nancy Drew. In high school, I went to the library and became hooked on Victoria Holt and loved gothic’s.  Then after high school, my first romance was The Wolf and The Dove…

We write because we’re writers and we have stories to tell. By putting these crazy voices in our heads inside books, we hope we might escape insanity. We’re lovers of words, senses and imaginations. The comfort of a well-written book brings us alive and stirs the desire to do it all over again. The sooner,…

Yes, we are well into the Christmas season. Black Friday has come and gone and now we’re on that roller coaster that takes us to the day the big man arrives. Have you finished your shopping? We had a marathon trip yesterday that left me exhausted, but we’re officially done.  So what are you doing…