Contemporary Romance

Cowboy wearing a dark hat, a blue shirt open to his waist and a big silver buckle.

He’s Never Getting Married This cowboy doesn’t know what he wants and as the author of this story, I’m doing my best to find out. As soon as I know, I’ll post it right here. But I do know one thing, Eugenia is sure to help him find the love of his life. Grab Yours…

A wedding veil floating along the beach. Two beach houses are in the distance.

Running Away Brought Her What She Wanted Crystal Young isn’t marrying for love, but it will give her what her heart desires until her fiancé reveals his true treacherous self. Running, she takes their honeymoon cruise alone. While on the cruise, a crazy encounter with the man next door pushes her over the edge. Giving…

A red headed smiling woman with a big smile and an auburn haired man with a big smile on his face. Also the town of Cupid, Texas on the bottom of the cover

Games People Play Emily Martin was a star professional basketball player until she retired. Now a high school basketball coach, in the small town of Cupid, Texas she’s locked in a perpetual game of dodgeball with the boys coach. Her jilted college boyfriend who she’s ready to give the push pass and send him flying. …

Dark haired man in a blue shirt with a straw hat on looking back over his shoulder.

The Cowboy lost his memory and the wanderer longs to forget her obligation. Jacob Burnett knows the danger of the rodeo. He’s witnessed many a cowboy flying through the air, but this is his dream. And he’s going to win or die trying. And dying is a possibility when he’s thrown from a bronco and…

Cowboy hat, ring box

They all stared at him like he was crazy. Several of his cousins leaned back in their chairs and laughed. Of course, they were the ones who did not work with the people. They were the ones who didn’t have to put up with some of the stunts their guests had pulled.  “Why?” Rose, who…

Cowboy hat, ring box

“We’ll talk after this is over. I thought you would have known my story, but I’ll be sure to enlighten you,” she said, her face red.  That kid had a lot to learn if he wanted to stay on the board and be in Aunt Rose’s good graces.  What could he say that wouldn’t make…

Cowboy hat, ring box

Travis Burnett glanced around the boardroom table at those gathered. It wasn’t a fancy boardroom, but rather one filled with pictures of family members who had fought and struggled on the Burnett Ranch making it a success. For over a century, they had worked cattle and made this outfit one of the most profitable and…

Dark haired man with a open white shirt, showing a very muscular chest.

Can A Matchmaking Ghost Heal Two Broken Hearts? Tanner Burnett served his country well in the Iraqi war. Now he’s returned home with a badass case of post traumatic syndrome. The least little noise has him taking cover. So when a ghost starts talking to him, he thinks she’s just another PTSD hallucination. After graduating…

Dark haired man in a leather jacket with a black hat and rippled muscles.

The Bodyguard, The Actress and the Matchmaking Ghost Texas Billionaire, Tucker Burnett keeps his international acclaimed security business and personal life separate even when he’s protecting the worlds most beautiful women. When his client is almost killed, he takes her to the only place where he knows for certain she’ll be safe. His families ranch…

Dark haired cowboy standing next to an old car wearing a white hate. There is a faded red barn in the back.

Secrets, Lies and a Matchmaking Ghost Billionaire Travis Burnett would love to close the dude ranch portion of the Burnett Ranch. But the family board of directors, refuses to let him. Unable to change their mind, Travis must continue to deal with city slickers who think ranching is just riding horses and sipping cocktails in…

Cover of My Christmas Soldier by Sylvia McDaniel. Naked man chest very rippled wearing dog tags. Military. Soldier.

A Dear John letter, Amnesia and a Second Chance at Love

When a roadside bomb in Kabul, Afghanistan exploded his Humvee, and wiped his memory of the last ten months, Tyler Ferguson is sent home for Christmas. He can’t wait to see his fiancée.

When Kelsey opens her door and the man she’d sent a Dear John letter too is standing on her porch, she fears the worst. Until she realizes he doesn’t remember the breakup. Has life given her a second chance with the man she still loves? At least until his memory returns.

In this sexy, short contemporary romance can this couple overcome their past? 

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Cover of Lipstick and Lead 2.0 Box Set. Brunette woman in the arms of a handsome man.

Nailing the Hit Man

The Redhead with the Gun Won’t be Denied

Jennifer McKenzie Delgado along with her cousins own the fourth generation of Lipstick and Lead. Together, they are determined their business of bounty hunting will continue. The problem is they hold a million-dollar bond on a bail jumper who is nowhere to be found. With the bond in default, they have ten days before the money is due and they lose the company. 

Once again, Carson Lopez is mistaken for his criminal twin, Christopher, but this time by a beautiful, sexy, bounty hunter. Also searching for his sibling, he wants answers why his brother is killing off Family members. With Jennifer posing as his girlfriend, Carson flies to Vegas to confront his brother. 

When she becomes the target of the hit man, it’s all Carson can do to keep the redhead from being the bull’s eye. But with her company on the line, Jennifer will take any risk to get her man. Including losing the one she’s come to love to organized crime.

Nailing the Billionaire

Will the Bounty Hunter Catch the Billionaire?

Brittany McKenzie, ex-military sniper, comes from a long line of bounty hunters. The night her cousin Jennifer marries, she has a one-night stand with a gorgeous unknown man who piques her interest. Back at work when she goes on her next assignment, she can’t believe his face stares back at her.

Billionaire Mark Davis has been framed for embezzlement and is determined to clear his name. The only obstacle is the blonde bounty hunter, who he spent one glorious night in Vegas with, doesn’t care what he thinks. Can he convince her of his innocence? 

Will the sharp-shooter and the billionaire discover who is destroying his reputation and will the heat they ignited in Vegas continue to burn?

Nailing the Single Dad

The Heat Is On

My pet name for him is Detective Baby Daddy. Why so harsh, you ask? Because Antonio Marino represents everything I detest in a guy. Unfortunately, we’re both after the same criminal. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me since I always get my man, but Antonio’s boss has ordered us to work together or go to jail. Now I’m wondering who I’ll take down in handcuffs first– Detective Baby Daddy or the trafficking scumbag Torres.

If you ask me, she’s a bounty hunter with a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas and a bad attitude to match. You’d think Katherine McKenzie and I hate each other, but I think all this fire and spark between us is a way to resist a building attraction. God help both of us. And now, my boss has instructed me to work with her…or else. Of all the damn luck.

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