Debutante's of Durango

The Debutante’s Revenge

Reckless Flirting and a Dangerous Temptation

Daisy Trippe is the perfect daughter and the perfect woman to be a wealthy man’s wife. At the Debutante Ball, her goal is to kiss a handsome man. A rich handsome man who would make all her socialite dreams come true. Then she sees Lee Sackett. She overhears the man is well off and he fills out his clothes so deliciously. A temptation too much to resist. 

Lee Sackett is building his ranch. One day he will be a rich man, but right now, his one-room cabin is all he can afford. He needs to swap bulls with Mr. Trippe but the man is impossible to talk to. Lee hears Mr. Trippe will be at the Debutante Ball, so he puts on a suit coat and goes to the ball. He doesn’t want a wife. It’s too soon. But one young woman is too alluring to walk away from. 

Everything seems so innocent until they are caught. Now the hard-working rancher is being forced to marry a woman who vows to get revenge on him for ruining her dreams. 

Spicy historical romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. 

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