Town Superstition

Cupid Charmer

The Billionaire Wants Forever. She Only Wants Tonight.

After being humiliated in front of the town, Whitney Beckett becomes anti-marriage. She dates men for a couple months, but before the relationship turns serious, kicks them to the curb. Known in town as a man eater, she focuses on her career as town librarian. Working late one night, Whitney is shocked to see Aaron Johnson running naked down the street.

Billionaire Aaron Johnson returns to Cupid, Texas, and against his better judgement does the Cupid Stupid dance. Imagine his surprise when the girl he always had a secret crush on, Whitney Beckett, rescues him. When she refuses to date him, he uses his hush-hush project to lure her to work with him, hoping she will let down her walls and see him as the man for her. 

Can he convince her to take a chance on love again? Or will he become just another of her victims?

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Cupid Help Me Box Set

Three Brothers and The Cupid Superstition — Books 4-6
A Conservative Cowboy Saves A Zany Journalist. Has Cupid Struck Again

Cowboy, Jim Lawrence, doesn’t believe in superstitions, hocus pocus, or folklore. After losing a bet he must dance naked around the Cupid Statue at midnight, not believing he will meet his true love. At thirty-five, he’s lost to love once. He’s unable to find a traditional woman who fits in his black and white world

Shadow Wilson, is on her way to Cupid, Texas to do a story about the fabled Cupid Statue, when her car catches fire. As she stands by and watches her car explode into a fiery ball, Jim comes to her rescue…and becomes the angle to her fortchoming expose.

Will the superstition bring an eccentric, wacky woman journalist together with a rigid cowboy with a heart of gold or will their differences tear them apart?

Cupid Cures Book 5
Can Cupid Cure Not Only a Disease, But a Heart as Well?

Kyle Lawrence must fulfill a bet by dancing naked around the Cupid statue at midnight. Only he doesn’t believe in the superstition of finding true love, and at this moment, he doesn’t have time for forever after. A beautiful investigator from the USDA has arrived to warn of a possible cattle epidemic. 

Life has not been easy for Dr. Tempest Tangier. A no nonsense veterinarian, who arrives in Cupid to investigate the possibility of a deadly cattle disease and end the infectious spread. But when she shows up at the Lawrence clinic, only to see a naked man breaking in, she quickly realizes the town holds more secrets than her past.

Cupid’s Second Chance

One Blind Date Too Many

Vanessa Lowell hates Valentine’s Day. After her husband was killed in Afghanistan, it’s the loneliest day of the year. A reminder of everything she’s lost. Unaware that her good friends are setting her up for another blind date, she goes to a party only to meet Disco Dave —yet another bad date.

Three years after the death of his wife, David Baker is tired of his well-meaning friends setting him up. So he becomes Disco Dave, the worst date ever. When he meets Vanessa, he’s attracted, but fearful. Cupid has a target on Dave’s back and before he can do the Hustle out the door, he’s been struck. 

Will David and Vanessa put an end to bad dates or do their hearts still belong to their first loves? When you’ve experienced great love is it possible to love again?

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Cupid Scores

The Librarian Versus the Coach

Meghan Scott is not a typical school librarian. When her girlfriends convince her to test the Cupid superstition and dance naked around the statue, she reluctantly agrees. 

Former professional football player, Max Vandenburg can’t believe his eyes, when he sees Meghan Scott running down the street naked. Seven years ago, she broke his heart. Rescuing Meghan is the first step in finally learning the truth, but when she refuses to discuss the past, can he charm the real story from her? 

When Cupid’s arrow is aimed straight at their hearts, can two high school sweethearts learn everything in the past is not what it seems?

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