The Littlest Angel by Vicki Batman

Welcome Guest blogger Vicki Batman to today’s blog!

When a young girl, our next door neighbor gave my mother an angel which was put on top of our tree for many Christmases. The littlest angel doesn’t look like something that special, but to me, she is.

Years later, Mom was given a more elaborate one that waved her arms and when wound up, sang a Christmas carol. The first angel was packed away.

I always thought Angel 1 was prettier than Angel 2. When I married, I asked my mom for Angel 1. She wouldn’t give her to me.

Then I got lucky! I went to a flea market. As I walked down the row on the way to exit, I saw a woman pick up something out of a box stowed underneath a long table. My heart stopped because even from that distance, I could tell she was holding a little angel.

I didn’t move. I stood still and hoped the lady would put her back and also because I’d learned as a flea market shopper to not look too anxious. The woman eventually put the ornament in the box and left. Slowly, I approached. I kept my cool and looked at other items. After a few moments, I looked under the table for the box and slid it out. I set aside several things, not even touching her. Finally, I allowed myself to pick her up. To my delight, she did resemble my mom’s angel–except she was missing her hair.

I asked the owner how much and she said fifty cents!!! My heart leapt. I dug in my wallet and handed over the change. She wrapped the littlest angel in tissue and a grocery bag. I strolled out the door as calm as could be. Once clear, I skipped to my car for I had my treasure.

I can’t bear to store her. So she sits on my book shelf with two friends, another vintage angel and a rocking snowman.

My littlest angel.

Do you have a holiday item you truly treasure?

I love to write holiday stories. Here’s a blurb from “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off”:

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There’s food, fun, and romance!

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  1. Hi, Sylvia! And thank you!!! I think TGFB is incredibly fun. I tried to buy a cake yesterday… Well, stuff happens and that didn’t happen.

  2. Hey, Kimberly! Wait and see if you win a copy! and then if you do, you could buy one for a friend. Hugs, vb

  3. I’ve never heard of a fruitcake bake-off, but your story sounds awesome, I’ve never tried fruitcake myself though…

  4. Hi, Eva! The beauty of being a writer is I can make stuff up and made up a fruitcake bake-off. There’s tons of cookie ones, but fruitcake??? And the whole idea seemed funny to me. Thanks for posting.

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