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Travis — Sneak Peak — Part 2

“We’ll talk after this is over. I thought you would have known my story, but I’ll be sure to enlighten you,” she said, her face red. 

That kid had a lot to learn if he wanted to stay on the board and be in Aunt Rose’s good graces. 

What could he say that wouldn’t make him look like a fool? And yet they needed to know. Maybe if he admitted to seeing her, others would as well. 

“I’ve seen her,” he said, not wanting to admit to it, but knowing that some apparition had visited him and told him it was past time for him to remarry. “I’ll give her your name the next time she comes to visit.”

The damn ghost bothered him about once a week telling him about the latest guests that she thought would be a good match for him. And so far, he’d avoided all of them. 

His cousin Joshua leaned back in his chair and laughed. “I didn’t think you visited the bars. Did you hold a seance like our ancestor used to do?”

“I only drink at home,” he said. “And no seances were held. Just wait, she’ll come visit you. Then let’s talk.”

The man shook his head, but everyone else at the table remained silent. They either had seen the ghost or they weren’t saying. She’d been here for generations and even his father had confessed to seeing her. 

“We don’t need that kind of publicity,” his aunt Rose said. “That could hurt our business.”

The woman had never married, but rather made the ranch her permanent home and lived in the big house. Someday she would give it up and Travis would be next in line to live there. 

But while the house had been remodeled, added onto and made into a modern mansion, he would never move into the old homestead. A family needed to live in the house that had existed for over a hundred years. Since he never planned on marrying again, he would probably give it to his brother Tanner. 

“Time to move on. I make a motion that we allow the ghost-hunting television show be allowed to film on the ranch,” his cousin Jacob said, glancing at his brother Joshua with a grin. 

“All in favor vote,” Rose said. She was the head of the family and the corporation. Nothing got by this woman. 

Only four of the twelve voted to allow them to film on the ranch. Travis smiled and decided it was time for him to make his desires known. It was time they realized what a pain in the ass the dude ranch had become. 

He was tired of drunken guests, crying children, people ignoring the rules, and women who only came to go shopping in Dallas. People could be a real pain in the ass and so many that were sitting around this board didn’t have to deal with them. 

“Motion failed,” Rose said, the oldest of the family there and the head of the directors. “The next item on the agenda is from Travis.”

She gazed at him like he was the biggest pain in the ass of the group, but he knew that wasn’t true. That was his cousin Cameron. That boy had tried the patience of all of them with his privileged behavior. Travis had taken his Corvette keys away twice and told him if it happened a third time, he’d take the car. 

No one was allowed to drive drunk and Cameron did enjoy his beer. 

All of their eyes were on him, wondering what he wanted this time. And they were going to be shocked. 

“I’d like to make a motion that we close the dude ranch,” he said. 

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