What Kind of Stories Do You Like to Read?

As a writer, I’m often asked how I get my ideas. I wish I could say, a bolt of lightening jolts me out of my everyday life, and I’m delivered a brilliant idea with a full blown plot.  I can’t say that’s ever happened to me, and usually my plots evolve. I get a small germ of an idea and then I start trying to figure out how to express that idea, what kinds of characters and what turning points are going to express my theme.  And theme…that doesn’t usually appear until after the first draft.


But the reason I tell you this is because I recently realized that many of my stories are about brides or weddings.  Here, are just a few of my “Bride” stories.  There is A Scarlet Bride, The Burnett Brides – The Rancher, The Burnett Brides – The Outlaw, and The Burnett Brides – The Marshall. I also wrote The Wanted Bride, which is probably my favorite story, just because the image that came to my mind when I decided to write this story. Imagine me in the shower, when in my mind comes the image of a woman going into the bus station in her wedding dress. Only the dress is smudged from smoke, has burned spots on it and her wedding veil is singed. Suddenly, I had to write her story.  

 It surprised me that I’d written so many stories about brides.  I’ve also written a series, The Cuvier Women, based on three women who within the first five pages of the books, learn they are married to the same man. But he’s dead, and now they are all widows.

I’ve written not one, but two secret baby books, and I always enjoy those stories. Those books are The Burnett Brides – The Marshall Takes A Bride and The Reluctant Santa. I loved writing The Reluctant Santa because the hero was so hurt and hated Christmas. Healing a hero is such a powerful emotional ride and Colin is one of my favorite hero’s.

Many times as a writer we’re looking for unusual plots, but find we’re writing the same plots with a different twist.  According to one book I read there are only twenty plots in the world and all of our stories are based on these twenty plots.

Plots never come to me complete. Usually I have a vision or a character, and then I have to realize what this character needs to learn or what life event he needs to overcome.

So tell me what’s your favorite plot? Secret babies, mistaken identity, marriage of convenience or inconvenience, brides, cowboys or maybe it’s vampires.  Do you have a favorite plot? What type of plots do you like to read. What story lines do you not see much of?


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